Flow Measurement and Control Products

Controls and Meters distributes and supports virtually all flow equipment built in the United States and Europe. Please navigate through our website to find helpful product specifications and related information. If at any time you have a question about flow measurement and control products please contact us an we can provide you with sound advice and direction.

aaliant“Ramapo” Strain Gauge Target Steam Meters, Positive Displacement, Turbine, Mag, and Level Instrumentation.

blancettCorrosion resistant high pressure turbine and positive displacement meters and instrumentation.


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Gravity Condensate and Magnetic Meters


Industrial Turbine Flow Meters And Auxiliary Instruments

PrintCommercial rotameters, pitot air flow instruments, flow switches and sight indicators. Authorized distributor for High Flow Valves.

EBG Flow ProductsFull Line of primary elements including orifices, venturis and nozzles

elsterPositive Displacement and Turbine Water Meters.

gf signetInsert paddle, vortex and magnetic flowmeters, with instrumentation.

Electronic Reset Turbines, Battery Op, Aluminum, 316ss, Pvdf And Nylon gpi precision metersConstruction.

halliburtonNow Cameron Measurement

hedlandFlow Rate Indicators , transit time ultrasonic flow meters, switches and transmitters


hersey metersPositive Displacement and Turbine, Water Meters.

imac systemsAGA Gas Turbines with High and Low Speed Outputs, Rotary Gas Meters and Instruments

                       Thermal Flow Probe for hard to measure gases and liquids. Line sizes 1/16” and up.

jlc international Micro and Miniature PVDF Pelton Turbines.

mccrometerIrrigation Propeller Meter, V-Cone Primary Elements for Steam, Gas, and Liquids.

niagaraPositive displacement and turbine flowmeters, registers and transmitters, and liquid level.

nufloNow Cameron Measurement

rcm industriesDial type flow rate indicators in brass, carbon steel and stainless for liquids and gases.

seametricsTurbine, Paddlewheel, Magnetic, full line and Insertable Water Meters with Instrumentation.

sensusFeaturing Rockwell, Equimeter, and Invensys sensors. Gas meters, diaphram, turbine, and regulators.

total control systems     Positive Displacement Custody Transfer meters with air release/strainer, register sets       and batch sets.

water specialtiesPropeller Meters of all types, with Instrumentation.