IMAC Systems, Inc.

turbine gas metersSZ Series Turbine Gas Meters

SZ Turbine Gas Meters are compact, lightweight and accurate. These gas meters are ideally suited for measurement of natural gas, propane, butane, acetylene and a variety of other industrial gases including air at both high and low pressures. All meters are capable of pulse generation for transmission of data to accessory equipment. Recommended for indoor use. Other sizes are available, please consult Controls and Meters, inc. if interested.

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romet rotary meterRomet Rotary Gas Meter

The Romet Rotary Gas meter is a high-quality positive displacement roots-type gas meter that comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Rotary type gas meters allow for measurement of large amounts of gas in a very compact gas meter.

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domestic meter pulserDomestic Meter Pulser

The Domestic Meter Pulser is an economical and effortless way to retrofit residential and laboratory gas meters with a reliable pulse output.

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remote totalizersRemote Totalizers

The IMAC Remote Totalizer line is an inexpensive way to remote read, totalize, normalize, standardize, and retransmit pulses or obtain an instantaneous flow rate. The products featured are all made in America by IMAC Systems, Inc.

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R-0 Remote

The IMAC R-0 Remote is a self-contained, battery powered unit providing remote totalization for gas, water, and electric meters, this universal remote can accept pulse inputs (reed switch or generated) as well as capacity discharge pulses.

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