Cadillac  Meters

Cadillac Meter offers engineered, off the shelf and customized solutions for today’s flow and energy measurement challenges.  For over a century Cadillac Meter – Central Steam Company has manufactured condensate flow meters to account for the energy supplied in the form of steam. Our measurement products are easily customized across a broad range of applications to accurately measure in order to help you boost system performance, conserve resources, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

 Cadillac Gravity MeterGravity Condensate

The Cadillac® CG Gravity Condensate Meter is a totalizing meter which measures liquid or condensate. In any steam system where condensate is available, the CG Gravity condensate meter is the number one choice due to Cadillac®’s accuracy, reliability and infinite rangeability.



CMagMagnetic Meter

The Cadillac®  CMAG magnetic flow meter is a rate and totalizing device, which is capable of measuring liquids of all types and consistency while providing an obstruction free flow path. Due to its unique flow tube/coil design, it is particularly suitable for new or retrofit into pumped hot condensate as well as hot and chilled water systems. Employing a unique coil winding pattern and containment/focusing plates the Cadillac®  magnetic flow meter does not require any flow profiling or piping straight run while still meeting the stated meter accuracy (+/-0.25% of rate).