Why don’t we sell meters on the web?

The tendency to make flow measurement a highly theoretical and technical subject overlooks a basic tenet: Practical application of meters, metering principles, metering instrumentation and related equipment is the real key to quality measurement.  E.L. Upp, from the book Fluid Flow Measurement, 1996.

Let’s face it, you have a problem.  If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be looking for a flowmeter.  You probably also have limited time in which to address the problem.  Those internet sales houses, with their flow calculators sure look enticing.  You are just a couple of clicks away from saying that your flow measurement problem is solved.  After all, it’s so simple.  Fill in the form, swipe the card, and receive your meter.

The problem most people run into is that virtually any meter will give you some reading, and many are close.  The software program on the web will even give you an accuracy spec.  But all meters are affected by things such as temperature, viscosity, straight run, and fluid type, not to mention manufacturer variations.  You have a reading, but is it a good reading?  Without good upfront engineering, there is no real way to predict how well a field installed meter will perform for you. Add other factors such as material compatibility, mean time before failure for your fluid or temperature, and your spiffy new meter might become a spiffy boat anchor in a year or two. 

Here at Controls and Meters, we don’t practice in the art of internet "Shopping Cart" sales.  We are flow specialists, and take pride in making sure that the meter you receive is the meter you need.  We do the upfront engineering so that you can be confident in the choice of meter for your application. At Controls and Meters, we will make sure that your problem stays solved.  After all, when you look good, we look good.