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The Badger Meter ModMAG® M2000 is the result of years of research and field use of electromagnetic flowmeter technology. These meters measure water, wastewater, water-based fluids, and other liquids that meet minimum electrical conductivity. Designed, developed, and manufactured under strict quality standards, this meter features accuracies of ±0.20% of rate ±1 mm/s.
The wide selection of liner and electrode materials helps ensure maximum compatibility and minimum maintenance over a long operating period.

Downloads: Brochure | Manual


The M3000 meter represents the next generation of electromagnetic flowmeter technology. Incorporating the latest developments in microprocessing signal conditioning, the advanced design of the M3000 meter allows an accuracy ± 0.20% with a flow range of 300:1. Targeted to a variety of oil and gas, industrial and municipal applications, the M3000 meter is virtually unaffected by density, temperature, pressure, and viscosity changes and provides an accurate and reliable long term metering solution. This meter complies with ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Annex G.

Downloads: Brochure | Manual


1100 threaded turbine1100 Threaded Turbine

The Blancett Model 1100 Turbine Flow Meter is designed to meet the demands of the most rigorous flow measurement applications. The Model 1100 is an ideal meter for liquid flow measurement on or off the oilfield. The meter features a 316 stainless steel housing and rotor support, CD4MCU stainless steel rotor, and abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide rotor shaft and journal bearings. These materials help the meter to maintain accuracy and mechanical integrity when measuring the corrosive and abrasive fluids found in many industries.

Downloads: Spec

quiksert turbineQuickSert In-line Turbine – Liquid & Gas

The Blancett QuikSert In-line Turbine Flow Meter provides the high accuracy and rigorous design of the standard Blancett turbine, but in a wafer-style mounting configuration. With a unique “between-the-flange” design, the need for mating flanges is eliminated, saving installation time and cost, and allowing for limited space requirements. The meter features a 316 stainless steel housing and rotor support, CD4MCU stainless steel rotor, and abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide rotor shaft and journal bearings. Precision upstream and downstream flow straighteners ensure a high degree of measurement accuracy.

Downloads: Quicksert – Gas  |Quicksert – Liquid  | Quicksert – Liquid XP 

series 200Series 200 and Series 900 – DISCONTINUED

The Blancett Series 200 and Series 900 are rugged, low-priced flow meters specifically designed to measure floodwater line flow in secondary oil recovery operations throughout the world. Using time-proven rotary vane and multi-jet impeller mechanisms, the Series 200 and 900 flow meters will provide reliable long-term measurement and totalization with minimum attention and maintenance.

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floclean turbineFloClean Sanitary Turbine

The Blancett FloClean Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter provides the high accuracy and rigorous design of the standard Blancett turbine in a sanitary-style tri-clamp mounting configuration. Developed for use in a variety of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications, the FloClean Sanitary Turbine meets the requirements of 3-A Sanitary Standard number 28-03 and is suitable for use in clean-out-of-place (COP) and sterilize-out-of-place (SOP) environments. The meter features a 316L stainless steel body and internal wetted parts, with nickel-plated CD4MCU stainless steel turbine and tungsten carbide rotor shaft.

Downloads: Data Sheet

kfactor scalerK-Factor Scaler

The Blancett K-Factor Scaler converts a low-level frequency output (such as the output from a Blancett turbine flow meter) into a scaled square wave output signal. This adjustable frequency divider converts or “scales” the turbine meter output into units of measurement needed for a particular application and recognized by almost any data collection device. The k-factor scaler provides an amplified signal, even when a frequency conversion is not required. This signal is more immune to electrical noise and capable of transmission over longer distances than a raw turbine meter output.

Downloads: Data Sheet

flow monitorB2800 Microprocessor-Based Flow monitor – DISCONTINUED

The B2800 is an advanced microprocessor-based flow monitor that is also low cost and simple to operate. When ordered with a Blancett turbine meter, the B2800 is configured at the factory for units of rate and total. Or, the unit may be easily programmed in the field. The monitor has a large two-line display and is available in power and mounting options to suit almost any application.

Downloads: Brochure | Standard Manual | Advanced Manual

B2900 Flow Monitor

The B2900 flow monitor incorporates state-of-the-art, digital
signal processing technology, designed to provide exceptional
flexibility at a very affordable price. Though it is designed for use
with Blancett flow sensors, this monitor can be used with almost
any flow sensor producing a low amplitude AC output or contact
closure signal.

Downloads: Data Sheet

B3000_webSm picB3000 Flow Monitor

The NEW B3000 Series flow monitor from Blancett provides you with a flexible, durable, easy-to-use platform for your flow metering applications. The B3000 makes it easy to monitor flow, with a crisp dot-matrix display capable of simultaneous display of flow rate and flow total. With a wide variety of enclosure options for both liquid and gas applications, from intrinsically safe and explosion-proof (flameproof) ratings to an innovative solar-powered model, there’s a B3000 to suit your needs. And, intrinsically safe models are housed in a UV-resistant, NEMA 4X-rated enclosure available in direct, panel, pipe, DIN-rail and swivel mounts.

 Downloads: Data Sheet                     



  • Flow ranges: 0.5 – 4.0 GPM (2 – 15 LPM) up to10 – 100 GPM (40 – 380 LPM)
  • Available in 1/2 to 2-inch ports
  • Rugged construction:
    • Polysulfone bodies for 1/2 thru 1″ models
    • Radel® R bodies for 1-1/2 & 2″ models
  • Pressure up to 325 psi (22 bar) maximum
  • Temperature up to 250 °F (121 °C) maximum
  • Standard calibration:
    • .876 specific gravity for oil
    • 1.0 specific gravity for water
  • EZ to install in any position
  • No special piping or flow straighteners needed
  • No electrical connections
  • Direct reading indication
  • Accuracy within ±5%
  • Relatively insensitive to shock and vibration
  • Optional: Special scales available

Downloads:   Manual | Data Sheet 

ultrasonic transit timeULTRASONIC TRANSIT TIME

The New Hedland Series HTTP Portable Ultrasonic Transit Time Flow Meters clamp onto the outside of the pipe and do not contact the internal liquid. This advanced product provides instantaneous rate and accumulated flows along with 4-20 mA output. A removable 200,000 event Data Logger module is optional and features an integral DB-9 connection that plugs directly into a PC serial port for very fast 57.6K data uploads. ULTRALINK™, a Windows®-based software utility, is a complete meter configuration, calibration, and troubleshooting tool. Communication with the HTTP meter is achieved via a PC serial communications port and infrared serial adapter allowing the user the convenience of no interconnection wires.

Downloads: Brochure | Manual