Elster AMCO Water


cold water meterCold water meter – positive displacement  (Discontinued)

Elster AMCO Water’s C700 oscillating piston type water meters are the most advanced design positive displacement meters available. Boasting dependability and engineering excellence, the C700 line, sizes 5/8” to 2”, can be offered with a variety of registers, pulsers and material configurations, including a choice of waterworks or NSF-61 certified low-lead bronze main cases. These meters are appropriate for applications in direct read, pulse output, batching and rate of flow for plant maintenance.


cold water meter commercialCold water meter – Commercial  (Discontinued)

Elster AMCO Water turbine meters and compound meters provide long-life, high accuracy measurement for high volume services.


M190 Hot water meter

The M190 is a multijet (inferential) impeller meter. The only moving parts in the measuring chamber are the impeller and magnet. The impeller movement is transferred by a magnetic coupling to the hermetically sealed register, which can be turned to any position for easy reading.


330 oil meterOil meter

For measurement of a wide viscosity range, including light, medium and even heavy heating oil and diesel oil, the Elster AMCO Water line offers oil meters from 1/8” through 2”, covering flows from ¼ to 8000 gph with accuracy ± 1%.



The V100 (formerly PSM190) meter is a positive displacement type meter operating on the oscillating piston principle.  For use with POTABLE COLD WATER up to 120° F (50° C) and working pressures up to 150 psi. Available in low lead bronze and polymer and with or without a pulse output.

Downloads: Elster V100-110


The T210 provides accurate remote readings for digital/pulse registers while adding convenience and safety for the reader.

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