Turbines, Inc.

TM Series

The TM Series is a highly versatile product line consisting of a precision machined stainless steel body and steel rotors. Designed to be specifically used for liquid applications. The TM Series offers ability to measure in line sizes of 1/2″ to 10″  with the capability to measure flows in various ranges from 0.3 – 5,500 GPM. Available as either Flanged, Grooved, or Threaded end connections.

Downloads:  Brochure  |  Manual

HP Series

Designed specifically for harsh environments seen in the oil and gas industries, the HP Series is both a durable and long lasting solution. The HP Series is built for high pressure applications and is able to withstand up to 15,000 PSI with stainless steel construction, and 1502 WECO® end connections.

Downloads:  Brochure  |  Manual

WM Series

The WM series meter is designed specifically for use between two raised face flanges. The use of the three machine screws in place of retainer clips also make this a more durable option for use with most liquids. when paired with the correct flange size these meters are capable of withstanding pressures of up to 3,700 PSI.

Downloads: brochure | manual

TK Series

Replacement internals are available for the Turbines Inc. meters.

Downloads: brochure | manual

QC Series

The Quick Change series meters allow the meter internals to be removed and installed without taking the meter out of the production line.

Downloads: brochure | manual